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Attacking PTSD One Relationship At A Time

After over a decade of fighting, many soldiers and their families find themselves dealing with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The statistics related to this are staggering; especially, considering it is not unusual for the affected soldier and/or his family to go untreated.

In conjunction with CrossSword Connection and Crosswinds Foundation, Front Porch Media has produced a new documentary to help educate soldiers, their families, and the general public about  the effects and symptoms of PTSD, some of the treatments being offered, as well as, where to seek needed help. The film opened on May 8 premiering at the Carmike Summit Cinema in Birmingham, AL. Copies of the film are now being made available to our veterans and their families, free of charge.  Simply contact us via the button below and we will gladly follow up with a phone call.  Please don't wait as USVMC-OH stands ready to help.  Please see the short trailer below.


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"They Served ... They Sacrificed ... We ALL Salute YOU!!"

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USVMC OH is on a mission to serve our Hospice Veterans through the challenges they may be facing from illness, isolation or traumatic life experience.  Each Hospice Veteran patient has a unique life story and a unique set of needs.  And when it comes to the needs of America's Veterans, our mission is challenging to say the least.    Operation Valhalla Bound focuses on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgement.  In alignment with the nationally recognized "We Honor Veterans" organization, USVMC OH knows how to accompany and guide America's Veterans and their families through their life stories toward a more peaceful ending.  America's Veterans have done everything asked of them in their mission to serve our country and we believe it is never too late to give them a hero's welcome home.    

The USVMC OH Fallen Heroes Fund is established in remembrance of U.S. Armed Forces service members who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Freedom and Democracy for our great Nation.  This program funds scholarships intended to honor their service and to remember that it was their selfless devotion to duty that has enabled us to pursue our goals and dreams.  Recipients of the Scholarship are encouraged to learn about the Fallen Heroes and to work to promote the recognition and memory of these Fallen Heroes within their community.

Funds raised via this program are provided directly to Veteran Scholarship programs that mirrors the integrity and excellence most reflective of our organization.  These tangible donations to military hero scholarship programs ensures scholarship viability and provide a marked difference in the nation that our heroes fought so valiantly to defend.  



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Recognizing those that honor Veterans is always truly a blessing for U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club. Jackyl's love, adoration and incredible support of our Veterans is beyond reproach. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to simply say "Thank you!" You all are amazing!


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"Ensuring impeccable dignity on a Veteran's final ride."

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USVMC-OH knows it is of utmost importance to understand and prepare for the emotional challenges that lie ahead in this conversion as you now become known as a “Veteran.”   Most importantly, how do I figure out what my privileges are as a Veteran?  How do I capitalize on them to the greatest capacity I can?  Lastly, and most mystifying to most of us, where do I begin?  This monthly column authored in Thunder Roads Ohio Magazine is intended to answer just these questions.  The intention is to provide a roadmap of “guided valor” to ease your transition into "Veteran Status."   With more than 400,000 copies published in the state of Ohio.  USVMC-OH generates keen insight helping Veterans.


VetFest Ohio creates a premier biker setting in which patriotic Americans can convey their appreciation, support and respect to Living Veterans and to the families of the fallen.  To show respect to our Flag, Our Country, to each other and most importantly to those who protect what is dear to us … our FREEDOM!! VetFest Ohio is a time for all patriots; whether military or civilian, to get together to honor the memories of every fallen Veteran from the Revolutionary War to the present day. To Honor ALL living Veterans. VetFest will honor all Active Duty Military Members and without a doubt … Honor our Flag - the symbol of our nation, and to Honor our Country, the greatest in the world.